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A note from the maker of uDog

Tradition has it that early settlers in Quebec, Canada developed a game called "Tock."  A Swiss lady learned the game in Canada, copied it on a piece of paper, and took it back to Switzerland in 1982.  She began making the game, calling it "Dog" (due to a linguistic misunderstanding).

I was introduced to a version of Dog in Europe in 2011, and it immediately became my favorite.  Like the Swiss lady, I traced the game on a piece of paper, brought it back to Michigan, and made my own game out of a piece of plywood. When I asked my good friend Quint Thocher (who also happens to be our daughter's father-in-law) to help me cut my game into pieces so it could be used for 4, 6, or 8 players, he responded  by creating a new design and taught me how to make it, start to finish.

As I introduced the game to family and friends, I began to get requests from some who wanted their own game.  As a result, I began making the game as a hobby in my garage, decided to call it "uDog", asked my daughter to create a logo (thanks, Rachel!), and in the first 10 months had filled 55 orders - all by word of mouth!  uDog is now being played in USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Japan, Kenya, Israel, Czech Republic and the Philippines!

And, after playing it hundreds of times myself, it's still my favorite game!  You've got to try it!  (see testimonials).

I'd like to say a big "thanks" to Quint for the countless hours he's put into helping me get set up, for teaching me how to make it, and for continuing to help me improve the process.  Be sure to click on the picture below so you can read Quint's t-shirt - it's SO true! :-)

~ Carl Kresge