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"Thank you for making an awesome game!"
    ~Robbie Ray, Major League pitcher 

"We played 5 games of uDog on New Year's Eve . . . Never get sick of that game!" 
    ~Rachel VandenToorn

"Teaching another group our favorite game..." 
    ~Amber Frueh

"Bravo on the game! It is impressive!"

"Yes, we'd like an 8 player set . . . We really enjoyed playing it . . . and (our friends who showed us the game) were nice enough to leave the game at my daughter’s house for the rest of the week we were there. We played it every night! So I will be sure to tell friends and family." 
    ~Maureen Fortner

"We want the 8 person game and we LOVED playing with Rachel and Tim! Just let me know when you have one we can buy! What a fun game you have created!"
    ~Karen Cornell

"Thought you'd like to know that our family enjoyed playing uDog together for both our Thanksgiving and our Christmas get togethers! Thanks for the fun times..." 
    ~Beverly Frueh

"We played this in Japan tonight . . . thanks again for making it . . ." 
    ~Jaclyn Culver 

"We have enjoyed playing uDog with our daughter and son-in-law . . . I don't suppose that you want to add that it could cause family feuds if you happen to have competitive people in your midst!!? It really has been a family favorite!"

"We were introduced to uDog last night at the home of David and Janet Wood. I noticed China isn't on your list of countries. Send me a game by Thursday Feb. 25 and I'll be your ambassador to introduce it to the country with the world's largest market!
    ~David Givens

Thank you Jon and Shelby Biel for the Christmas uDog! Been showing all our friends. So much fun!
    ~Marcie Hurley